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K19 Light Bulb Replacement Suggestions

Many people have been asking us for viable replacements for the Philips K19 Director light bulbs since they are now discontinued.  We built this page to give options and explain the pros and cons for each option.  We're always happy to discuss your needs with you!  Please notice that the bulbs vary in length, width, light output and if it's dimmable or not (CFL bulbs only).  Please take note of these things and consider when making your decision.  

    60 Watt K19 Director Bulb  

45 Watt PAR20

45 Watt R20 Flood

75 Watt PAR30L Flood

15 Watt R30 Flood

16 Watt R30 Flood


(This is your bulb - Here for comparison only)


Bulb Diameter   2.375"   3.75" 2.5" 3.75" 3.75" 3.75"
Bulb Overall Length   4.125"   5 3/8" 3.94" 4 1/2" 5 2/3" 5 13/32"
Lumens/Light Output   770   800 380 1050 750 630
    Incandescent   Halogena' Incandescent Halogen Non Dimmable CFL Dimmable CFL
    See this Item

See this Item

See this Item See this Item See this Item See this Item

Noted Differences: 

50 Watt BR30 Halogena' Bulb.  This is your best replacement option.  Same exact bulb and lower wattage!  We know it seems odd to go for a 40 watt bulb, but because of it's manufacturing, Philips has produced this bulb to have very similar light output as what you have been use to.  They call it an Energy Saver or an Energy Advantage Bulb.   

Incandescent Option:  Same exact bulb but light output is quite a bit less.

PAR30L Option:  The actual glass is an indoor/outdoor glas so it will be harder and rather than a dome on the end the glass will be rippled.  Halogen bulbs do produce more heat than incandescent bulbs but it is at a safe level.  We mention this for your comfort only.  This bulb is shorter and you will want to consider adding a socket extender than can be used perminently with this socket to bring the bulb back out to the edge of the can.  Be sure and compare overall lengths here. Click Here to see the socket extenders.

Compact Fluorescent Options:  Notice one is dimmable and one is non dimmable.  You will get a brighter bulb/more lumens with a non dimmable cfl.  You CAN NOT even use a non dimmable CFL on a circuit with a dimmer switch or the bulb will blow prematurely.  These bulbs are the same width but not the same length.  Please notice the length and see if it will work in your can.

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