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Light Bulb Market News

We are now stocking Feit  LED light bulbs
When you need a cost effective (not cheap) LED light bulbs one best of the options is Feit Electric.  They make a quality product with a factory warranty to back it up.  Take a look at our LED products and give us a call if you have any questions.

     Light Bulb Market now stocking linear fluorescent light bulbs
We are now stocking all types of linear (tube) fluorescent light bulbs.  We have a full inventory of T12, T8 and T5 lights and also those hard to find U-Bend and Circular fluorescent light bulbs

Confused on what type of lights to use in your recess light fixture?  
We know that sometimes it can be difficult to know what type of light bulb your recess lighting can accept.  If you are looking for answers go to our Recess Lighting help page.

Introducing Philips Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs:
Philips Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs in twister style as well as flood light style.  Philips Twister bulbs are available in 15, 20 and 32 watt bulbs.  As a comparison, they would be the replacement for 60 watt, 75 watt and 125 watt A19 respectively.  The Philips Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Flood lights are available in a 16 watt R30 bulb, a 20 watt PAR38 bulb and a 23 watt R40 Flood Light.

Looking for 85 Watt and 120 Watt Replacement Flood Lights?
Many folks are looking for replacements for your 85 and 120 watt flood lights.  We have put together a list of suggested replacement bulbs for these as they are now discontinued and no longer available through the factories.  Learn Why....Click on the following links to see replacement suggestions for:  85 Watt BR30 Flood Light Bulbs85 Watt BR40 Light Bulbs or 120 Watt BR40 Light Bulbs.

Philips G15 T8 TUV Light Bulb
 Philips TUV 15Watt G15 T8 Germicidal Light Bulb:
Looking for a replacement light bulb for your air purifying system?  Our Philips TUV 15W G15 T8 Germicidal Light Bulb is used in many Silent Air Purifier Systems.  These are not for general lighting.  Their unique technology is such that they kill bacteria and other micro-organisms that are filtered through your home's air every day.  Philips Germicidal Light Bulbs
Philips Outdoor Light Bulbs
Philips Outdoor Light Bulbs:
It's sometimes hard to figure out what light bulbs are appropriate for outdoor use.  Not all light bulbs are appropriate for outdoor use.  As a result, we have separated out and categorized our outdoor light bulbs so that you can easily find what you need.  You'll be able to search our Philips Outdoor Light Bulbs by Incandescent Outdoor Light Bulbs, Halogen Outdoor Light Bulbs, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs as well as Bug Repelling Bulbs, Deck Lights, Landscape Lights, Swimming Pool Lights and Street & Parking Lot Lights.

Philips Infrared Light Bulbs

Philips Infrared Light Bulbs:
Philips infrared light bulbs can be used for a multiple of applications.  They are often used for commercial, retail, industrial or personal use.  Philips Infrared Light Bulbs are manufactured for drying, food warming, space heating, animal rearing, climate control and many other uses.  These bulbs are high efficient heat generators that produce a minimum of light rays and a high amount of infrared radiation. 

Philips LED Light Bulbs:   
LED Light Bulbs!  Philips LED lights have the latest technology and are designed to last for years. Light Bulb Market offers LED light bulbs for almost every application from LED Flood Lights to LED traditional (A19) light bulbs. If energy savings and long life is what you are looking for in your lighting needs there is nothing better that LED technology.
Philips Light Bulbs and Expertise we provide:
We stock replacement Philips light bulbs or lamps which include: halogen lighting, incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs and high intensity discharge lamps.  We are constantly adding to our list of offerings.  If you don’t see what light bulbs or lamps you need, please let us know and we’ll quote you and add it to our online offerings.  To order go to the category of bulb you need by either clicking on the image above or the button on the left side of your screen.  Narrow down your choices and click until you see a detailed description of the specific bulb you need.  From there, you insert the number of a particular light bulb you would like to order and click the "add to cart" button on the bottom right to be taken to the order screen All light bulbs are priced per each but may only be ordered in pairs, cases or other.  You'll find these specifics on the product description page.  

Completely confused?
Don't worry.  Many folks can be baffled by the technical nature of light bulbs.  Do I choose energy efficient long life Philips light bulbs?  Do I want a compact fluorescent?  Just tell me what Philips light bulbs I need for my recessed lighting.... We hear it all.  Please contact us by email or phone and we'll be happy to guide you, answer all your light bulb questions and even place the order for you.

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