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Lighting Solutions Articles

Visit us often for new and existing articles on lighting design and light bulb information. Whether you are a contractor, home owner, business owner or office supply coordinator, you are at the right place. We welcome comments and suggestions on any of our articles.  Want to suggest certain topics for us to write about?  Do not hesitate to email us at: We love hearing from our visitors and customers on what topics will be beneficial to you.

Understanding Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Find out what CRI stands for and why it is important when choosing a light bulb

Understanding Flood Light Bulb Beam Angles
Learn about beam angles and spot sizes a flood light will produce to be able to deciden on the correct light bulb for your needs.  

Rare Earth Phosphor Shorage & Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Due to Rare Earth Phosphor Shortage there may be long delivery time for fluorescent light bulbs and drastic price increases.  Read more to learn why. 

Philips Discontinued Light Bulbs
Learn more about the 2006 Energy Bill that Congress passed that eliminated high wattage light bulbs.

Bathroom Lighting Design
Do you find yourself not wanting to look at yourself in your bathroom mirror in the morning?  It may simply be because you have poor lighting.  Lighting naturally creates shadows and if you don’t have your lighting properly planned, you may find that your newly remodeled bathroom isn’t the happy place you thought it would be.

Energy Savings Calculator
Use this easy calculator to calculate your dollars saved over the rated average life of a light bulb.  After you obtain your Present Bulb wattage and Lamp Life you will be able to calculate energy dollars saved over the life of a bulb.

Saving Money with Lower Wattage Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Would you like to save money on your electric bill?  Find out how to save hundreds of dollars in electric costs by using lower wattage, higher efficient light bulbs; all while being environmentally conscious.  It’s a no brainer.

Recycling & Disposal of Light Bulbs
Do you have mercury light bulbs that you need to dispose of?  Or have your broken a light bulb and need to know the proper way to dispose of it.  It’s important to follow specific steps to assure the proper disposal of these light bulbs.

Choosing the Correct Light Bulb for Recessed Can Lighting
Do you have a hard time deciding what light bulb to use in your recessed can lights?  If so, we can help guide you in the right direction.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Energy Saving, Energy Efficient…..there are all kinds of buzz words out there but what does it really mean?  Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are an energy saving light bulb solution for your home or office. 

Understanding the Numbers on your Light Bulbs
Are you having a hard time figuring out what kind of light bulb you have that has blown?  We have outlined the basic codes that you will find in a recessed can or on your actual light bulb to assist you in knowing what you have. 

Kitchen Lighting Design
The amount of money that is spent remodeling kitchens today is enormous.  It is crucial to include an appropriate lighting design plan in the over all scheme. 

Living Room Lighting
Designing a lighting plan in your living room is often harder than designing a lighting plan for the kitchen or bathroom.  We’ve outlined areas most often found in your living room and how to light them.

Outdoor Light Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting
Choosing the correct light bulb for your outdoor lighting needs can be confusing.  You may find yourself reading a great deal to insure what you choose can be used out of doors.  We aim to give you some ammunition when seeking the correct light bulbs you need for those outdoor lighting needs.

Philips Discontinued Light Bulbs
In 2005, Congress passed an energy bill that called for the elimination of incandescent flood lights over 65 watts. 

Determining a Replacement for your Discontinued Flood Light
Learn how to determine if a replacement bulb will work for you.  There are not perfect alternatives out there.  So, we want to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Replacement Suggestions for 85 Watt BR30 Light Bulbs

Replacement Suggestions for 85 Watt BR40 Light Bulbs

Replacement Suggestions for 120 Watt BR40 Light Bulbs

CFL Compatable Dimmer Switches
Not all dimmer switches are made the same.  Even though you may have a dimmable compact fluorescent flood light, it still might not dim if you do not have the proper dimmer switch.  We've outlined them for you here.

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