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Philips Discontinued Light Bulbs

Philips Discontinued Light Bulbs

This is an unofficial account of a piece of the 2006 Energy Bill that was passed by our Federal Congress. 

Part of this bill stipulated that by 2010 certain higher wattage incandescent flood light bulbs would be eliminated from offerings to folks in the United States.  As a result, this year these bulbs are starting to disappear. 

What bulbs are specifically affected?  Anything 75 watts and over in a BR30, ER30, BR38, and BR40. And then anything 50 watts and over for R20 Bulbs.

Unfortunately, this is going to cause many problems for Americans.  Homes that were built with a limited number of recessed cans often need 120 watt BR40 light bulbs to provide enough light to see.  Then there are homes where elderly folks live who need brighter amounts of light to see to accomplish daily functions.  And yet another situation is when recessed cans are in very high ceilings and need a high wattage bulb to emit enough light to be useful. 

What can you do?  We at Light Bulb Market are dedicated to help our customers resolve their needs as best as we can.  The first thing you should do is to look inside your recessed can.  It MAY have a sticker that gives maximum wattages and bulb types of light bulbs that you may use in those cans.  Take notes of what it says and email that list to us.  Let us know what you are currently using and we will help you make the best decision for your needs.

If you do not have a sticker in your can, it may take a bit more work to figure out what you need.  Knowing the dimensions of the inside of your recessed can is a start.  The factors that should be considered are the following:  width of the can/light bulb; overall length of the can/light bulb and wattage products and/or amount of light emitted. 

One way or another we will not leave you in a lurch!  This is what we are here for.

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