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Energy Savings Calculator


 Using this Energy Savings Calculator will allow you to make intelligent decisions when choosing the right light bulb for your home, work or facility.  By far the most energy efficient light bulbs for your home are compact fluorescent light bulbs.  You will find as you work the energy savings calculator below that the initial price you pay for the light bulbs is quickly gained back in energy saved!  Plus there is less waste.  Even if you simply choose to use our Duramax Long Life light bulbs over regular incandescent light bulbs, all around it just makes sense. 

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Wattage of Current Light Bulb






  Wattage of Replacement Light Bulb



= the Wattage Saved




  by Replacement Bulb Rated Avg Life* 

   Hours Life

  = Energy Saved 


 Convert to Kilowatt Hours:  Divide by 1000



 = Energy Saved

   KiloWatt Hours



 by Your KwH Rate**


 = Energy Dollars Saved by Each Bulb




 by # of Bulbs in Facility or Home


 Total Dollars Saved
over the
Rated Avg. Life of the Light Bulbs



*  Find this number of each individual product description at  Search by name, item number or keyword in the search box above to find the product you wish to compare.

**  Find your KwH Rate on your personal electric bill.  This rate can be up to  $0.1623.

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