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Halogen Light Bulbs

Philips Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are an elegant, long-life alternative to your standard household light bulb.  Halogena' lighting provides a bright white light.  To be energy saving step down in wattage from your current light bulb and you will not lose any light brightness with the Halogena' lamps.  Halogena' light bulbs are ideal for table lamps, hanging pendants, ceiling fixtures, enclosed outdoor lighting, commercial downlights or any hard to reach fixture.

Your long life options in halogen lamps are rated for 6000 hours which is basically a year.  What does this mean?  Less hassle in changing the lamp and lower cost for you.  These lamps are ideal for places that are tougher to reach or would cause some sort of disruption. 

Retail, residential or Hotel/motels looking to replace recessed or track lighting can use any of the following:  PAR16 & PAR20PAR30L, PAR30S, PAR36 or PAR38.  Which one you choose depends on what size diameter light bulb you need.  PAR16 is smaller than a PAR20 halogen light bulb and so on.  PAR38 can be used indoor or outdoor.  Low Voltage lighting in MR-11 and MR-16 halogen light bulbs are ideal for retail stores, hotels, resturants, museums and art gallery lighting.

Philips Light Bulbs - $9.50 Flat Rate Shipping on all USA Orders - Case Discounts

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Philips Light Bulbs - $9.50 Flat Rate Shipping on all contiguous USA Orders - Case Discounts

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