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Light Bulbs for Recessed Lighting Light Bulbs for Recessed Lighting

Light Bulbs for Recessed Lighting Light Bulbs for Recessed Lighting can range from regular A type light bulbs to Halogen PAR lamps to even higher end Compact Fluorescents or LED's.  It all depents on the look and feel that you would like to achieve as well as long term costs.  There are so many options that we've categorized the types below to help you in your decision making. 

To purchase the proper light bulbs for Recessed Lighting you must first ask yourself the following questions:

  • What size can do you have?  Recessed cans vary from 3" to 9" or bigger (most common are 3 to 6 inch).  You'll want light bulbs for recessed lighting that fit nicely within your can with plenty of room for you to insert the light bulb.  Light Bulb sizes are diameter of the bulb and are the following:    1 3/8" (MR11), 2" (PAR16, MR16), 2 1/2" (PAR20, R20), 3 3/4" (PAR30, R30), 4 3/4" (PAR38), 5" (R40). 
  • Do you want Incandescent, Halogen, Compact Fluorescent or LED light bulbs for recessed lighting?
  • Do you need a spot beam of light or a flood beam of light? 
  • Will you be using the bulbs outdoors?
  • What wattage do you want?  Within a family of light bulbs (incandescent, halogen, cfl or LED) the higher the wattage the brighter the light that is emitted. 
  • Do you want your lighting to be dimmable?  All Incandescent and Halogen light bulbs are dimmable.  Not all compact fluorescents or LED's are dimmable.

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