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95 Watt PL-L Philips TUV Germicidal Fluorescent Ultraviolet Light Bulb
95 Watt PL-L Philips TUV Germicidal Fluorescent Ultraviolet Light Bulb
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Manufacturer: Philips Lighting
Product Number: 137257
SKU Number: 000135

General Description: This Philips 95 watt PL-L TUV UV-C germicidal light bulb produces a 253.7 nanometers (nm) light wave which is ideal for water and air purification.  It is 21 inches long and has a 2G11 plug-in base.  This light emits 27 watts of UV-C radiation and has an average life of 9000 hour. Engineered to offer the most consistent UV-C output over its life.

95 Watt PL-L Philips UV-C TUV Germicidal Light Bulb

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Philips Lighting
Product Number 137257
Voltage 115 Volt
Watts 95
Base Type 2G11
Bulb Style PL-L
Length 21.06 Inches
UV-C Radiation 27 Watts
Nanometers (nm) 253.7 (See below image)
Rated Average Life 9,000 Hours
Energy Star Qualified No
Full Product Name PL-L 95W/TUV
Ordering Code TUV 95W 2G11 Base
Case Quantity 250
Technology TUV Germicidal (UV-C)
Alternate Product Number 13725-7
Specification Sheet

Features & Benefits

• Produces UV radiation of 253.7 nanometers (nm) in the UV-C germicidal light band width
• The glass in the light bulb blocks out 185 nm ozone forming light
• This light bulb requires a ballast to operate

• Consistent output of UV-C wavelength over light lifetime
• Warning label on light indicates UV-C radiation output


  • Killing or inactivating bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms
  • Air, water and surface disinfection in hospitals, bacteriological research and pharmaceutical environments, and food processing industries such as dairies, breweries and bakeries
  • Disinfection of drinking water, waste water, swimming pools, air conditioning systems, cold storage rooms, packing materials etc.
  • Used in a variety of photochemical processes
  • Radiation of these lamps is harmful to eyes and skin. Installations with these lamps are to be screened off completely.

PL-L 95 watt UV-C tuv light bulb

95 Watt PL-L 2G11 Base TUV (UV-C) Light Bulb

Nanometer (nm) wavelengths for Philips 137257
Graph of light output pl-l 95 watt

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