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We are proud of the customer service and quality of products that we provide.  Over the years we have had thousands of satisfied customers.  See a few responses we've received.

Many thanks for your help- you have a wonderful site; I have learned a lot from spending time here and will return.  I have not seen such a wide selection as yours anywhere.  Gayle - Suwanee, GA.
C Mothander
Alexandria, VA
I called your customer service line to get some tips to help with the lighting as I remodel a kitchen. I was looking through the bulbs on your website and had some questions. I reached a representative by the name of John and I wanted to send an email to say what a wonderful experience I had. I know often times you only hear from customers when they have a complaint but I wanted to express my thanks to him for being so patient, informative and helpful. I feel like I got a much needed lighting tutorial in the few minutes we were on the phone and am now able to make the decisions that before I was completely confused about. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future.....
C Mothander
Alexandria, VA
Thank you for your in depth, educational response! .....I have looked into your recommendations, I think we will have to try one bulb at a time and see if it suits our needs. I have not had this kind of insight online or in store like Home Depot, Ace Hardware. Once again thank you for shedding light, no pun intended, into our kitchen/dining/homework area......
just wanted to thank you personally for your fast, friendly service. I was a bit worried about the shipping and safety of my bulbs but there was no problem. Again, thank you kindly.
Satisfied Customer, Heather
Clermont, FL
Received my order. Installed bulbs and everything works. Excellent Turn-around time. Thank you!
A Evangelista
Philadelphia, PA
Wanted to let you know that our matter has been resolved. As a small business owner myself, I really appreciated the time you spent on followup. I've found out that in todays times, it's not too often that I find the help you have provided. I was very satisfied with your products and service. And will continue to do business with you in the future. Just thought you might like to know. Thank you again very much!
Thanks for the updates and for all your help. I will definately call in the future when we need bulbs.
Debbie, LO
The dimmable R30s are the coolest thing: plenty of light at the right color once they come up to full intensity...The electrician only let me put one lamp in at first before he energized the circuit. He was sure it would explode when dimmed. He'll be referring you to all his energy concerned client
Can't believe how easy it was to order. Arrived quickly and right to my doorstep. Better than going to the store!
S. Young, Nashville, TN
...because of your customerservice, whenever I need to purchase light bulbs, I'll be buying them from!
J. Halt, Columbus, OH
I am very pleased with your service. My 15 lamps arrived yesterday. So many stores today have no clue about customer service and it is a pleasure to purchase from a store that does. The personal touch (it is obvious that your messages were not computer-generated) goes a long way.
Best service I’ve ever had on the web! Keep up the good work!!!
Laura, Nashville, TN
I like this Philips CFL - it does not seem to generate any electrical noise (EMI/RFI) that interfers with the standard AM broadcast band, especially around 1000 KHz. The cheap "Home Depot" (Made in China) 75 watt-equivalent CFL that I use in the kitchen causes noise in the near-by AM radio.
You have a real jewel in your customer service department!
M Murray, Huntington Beach
I received the lightbulbs and they were exactly what I wanted. You are right. I can't find these anywhere in the stores and they are the best ones for our outdoor sconces so I'll be keeing your website handy!
Driver, Maryland
Your customer service was so helpful, I called back twice for more information. And I can buy online with you without having to leave home!!!
Larry, Virginia
I'm really happy with the quality of these bulbs. Philips bulbs last so much longer than the off brands. I will continue to buy them.
Gloria, NY
Whatever I'm paying in shipping, I'm saving in gas. My husband is tired of driving everywhere looking for my Philips Light Bulbs!
Evelyn, MI
Thank you so much for researching this for us, you went that extra mile that is really appreciated. We will keep you in mind for any future business, I am putting you into my address book..... Again thank you.
Your customer service is very refreshing.
Thank you for keeping me updated and providing a solution. I have received my bulbs and they are working just beautiuflly. I will use your service again in the future and I will also be sure to pass along your site to my friends who are searching for their hard to find bulbs. Thank You!
Thanks so much for the updates on my order! Above and beyond my expectaions of customer service! This was my first order through you and will be sure to bring my business back the next time I need to order.
Your customer service department is very helpful and because of them, we will be doing business with Light Bulb Market again!
Great service! In my dealings, yours is the only business with it these days. Thank you.
I really appreciate the communication. That says a lot for your company. Looking forward to receiving the lights. Thanks again.
I would like to thank you for everything you did to have this order ship. It was a pleasure to have done business with you and your company.
Thanks for anticipating my needs, your on target and your service etiquette is top notch in my books.... I will remember light bulb market in the future and have marked the website accordingly. Thanks again for some service that is rare but nice to receive.
.....thanks for the testing chart--helps me pick the right components for my re-wire!
Philips is a fantastic company as I work for them made it soooo easy(to order). Thanks for the great support....
Thanks very much for working this out for us and so quickly too. I've been telling my friends what a good experience we've had with your company.
First of all, you are awesome!!.... I work with many thousands in the service industry, and rarely do I get such prompt service!!........I really appreciate your efforts!!l
Just wanted you to know I got the light bulbs, installed them and they work! Thank you so much for all your help. You treated me from the very beginning like I was a million $ customer even though my order was miniscule. Your service is rare and definitely doesn't happen often these days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ms. Young
I've truly been impressed with the care and attention I've been given since first contacting you and want you to know it's very much appreciated!
The bulbs arrived yesterday. Thank you. I shall always remember you as the only person in North America in my recent memory who stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for a problem -- which actually was never really your fault -- and then corrected it quickly, effectively, and with humor and grace. You give needed new meaning to the term, "customer service." Again, thank you.
To quote my fifth grade teacher, Sister Mary Eleanor! 'Outstanding! An A++ effort.'
(Our Party) turned out super considering we are just starting (to remodel) our backyard. The lights were super......You were so helpful, I will be back!...
This is the most personal and responsive customer service I've ever experienced with an online retailer.
.....You are definitely a permanent vendor on my list!
North Carolina
Thank you very much for your efforts in getting this product. It has been a breath of fresh air dealing with such an interested person in customer satisfaction....
I want to commend you on your excellent customer service, your timely response and your unique courtesy. I wish all businesses would follow the same protocol... Thank you.
We received the light bulbs yesterday right on schedule. Your customer service is awesome. I wish you sold more than lightbulbs....I would buy everything I need from you...
Chagrin Falls, OH
Thanks so much for the fantastic service!! I wish that I had found you all years ago.
Thank you for your great customer service.
Tabernacle, NJ
I'll keep it short. Your service is FANTASTIC!!!! I am so pleased with the 2 light bulbs I ordered, that I just ordered a case of 6 more.....very, very happy!!!!
Cleveland, NY
I thank you for all your time and trouble on this request and I am going to let your company know what a great job you did try and do for me could have just told me that you did not carry it and be done with it but you did not....... "Job well done!!!!!!!" and thanks again.....
Indianapois, IN
.....I wish that all companies in the service business were like you guys. Thank you!
Riverside, CA
Wow - now that is customer service....I will tell everyone I know.
C Little
Holly, Thank you very much for your response. This is exactly what I was looking for.........Thanks again for your excellent customer service.
C Jarman
Thank you so much for the superior customer service provided by Light Bulb Market.  
Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.  Appreciate all you have done.  
W Lodestro
Jamestown, NY
John.  Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me.  I really appreciate it.  Clearly I've just found another company to add to my 'great customer service!' list.  :-)
Thank you and all that helped me find the magic light bulb.  Your company rocks!  

R. Burroughs

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